Effective approaches to underground projects – the geotechnical model

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Effective approaches to underground projects – the geotechnical model


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Date: 25/11/2021

Language: English

Duration: 2 days , 9:00-17:30 GMT+4

Course type: Live on-line

Certificate: Certificate of attendance

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The definition of the geotechnical model represents the crucial step for successful civil infrastructures, both during the engineering design of underground projects and during the analysis of problematic situations for the adoption of remediation strategies.

Several ingredients constitute the geotechnical model: the stratigraphy, the material properties, their spatial variability, the hydraulic boundary conditions, the initial stress field, etc. Those essential components need to be combined with the choice of the most appropriate testing campaign for the specific case under consideration, the accurate merging of the various data sources and the selection of the appropriate modelling strategy.

In this course, the participants will learn to:

  • decide on the most appropriate experimental campaign depending on the geotechnical problem under investigation.
  • complement field and laboratory testing to define the material stratigraphy and the mechanical properties.
  • choose the appropriate constitutive model for the specific material and problem, and how to calibrate it.
  • define the boundary and initial conditions for hydraulic heads and stress fields, and understand the impact of these assumptions on the design process’s results.

The course is built on the analysis of case studies and has a robust applicative connotation to provide practical skills directly applicable in the definition of geotechnical design models.

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  • The geotechnical model: the fundamentals
  • In-situ and laboratory soil testing
  • Geotechnical data interpretation and elaboration
  • Case studies of advanced applications


  • Prof. Lyesse Laloui, ISSMGE Vice-President Europe. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL, Lausanne Switzerland
  • Dr. Aldo Madaschi, Nesol – Numerical Engineering Solutions
  • Dr. Eleonora Crisci, Nesol – Numerical Engineering Solutions
  • Dr. Man Bui, GTC - Geotechnical Testing Consultants, Dubai
  • Eng. Emad Sharif, GTC - Geotechnical Testing Consultants, Dubai


The course is meant for civil and environmental engineers, geologists, and construction professionals.


#geotechnical model, #testing, #model calibration, #cases study, #short-course, #undergorund projects


The course will be confirmed upon the reaching of a minimum number of participants. An official confirmation will be sent no later than November 15th.

The course amount will be reserved on your payment method at the registration. It will be released without any charge in case of cancellation.



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