Soil dynamics: testing and modeling

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Soil dynamics: testing and modeling

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Date: 14/01/2021

Language: English

Duration: 7h

Course type: Live on-line

Certificate: Certificate of attendance

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Dynamic solicitations are generated from earthquakes, blasts, construction, heavy traffic, wind, wave actions, etc. Soil response to such solicitations is crucial for the stability of buildings, slopes, dams, etc. Indeed, the dynamic loads affect settlements, bearing capacity and may lead to a complete loss of strength, such as in liquefaction.

This course will examine the fundamentals of soil dynamics with emphasis on design considerations. The participant will have an applicative overview of the experimental techniques to investigate the dynamic material response (in-situ and laboratory tests). The modeling strategies and the meaningful parameters’ determination will be detailed and focused on via applicative examples. A focus on the earthquake effect is provided, with emphasis on the liquefaction problem.

Dynamic actions in soils

  • Introduction to soil dynamics
  • Dynamic actions in soils and rocks: classification by number of cycles and load duration (e.g., earthquakes, vibrations, fatigue, explosions)
  • Wave propagation - types and characteristics
  • Concepts of damping, attenuation, and amplification

Soil phenomenological response to dynamic loading

  • Shear stress-strain curve (G moduli, damping ratio)
  • Typical response for soils (confinement and type of soil dependencies)
  • Type of cyclic response, pore pressure response in undrained conditions (Rochet effect)
  • Liquefaction

Laboratory and in situ dynamic testing

  • Laboratory test (small/large strain, resonant column, cyclic loading, wave velocity measurement)
  • Equipment, limitation, results
  • Wave velocity correlation to elastic properties
  • In situ seismic testing (down-hole / cross-hole)
  • Comparison: shear strain range covered by the tests
  • Example of test results presentation and interpretation

Earthquakes and local effects

  • Site effect
  • Local amplification factor (estimation of the local amplification)
  • Seismogram / wave propagation


  • Concept and occurrence – fine-grained cohesionless saturated soils
  • Case studies
  • Liquefaction potential
  • Soil stabilization


  • Prof. Lyesse Laloui, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
  • Dr. Aldo Madaschi, Nesol – Numerical Engineering Solutions
  • Dr. Eleonora Crisci, Nesol – Numerical Engineering Solutions
  • Dr. Man Bui, GTC - Geotechnical Testing Consultants, Dubai
  • Eng. Emad Sharif


The course is meant for civil and environmental engineers, geologists, and construction professionals.


soil dynamics, dynamic testing, earthquakes, liquefaction


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